Edited Volume

Diffracting Digital Images: Archaeology, Art Practice and Cultural Herirage

Edited by Ian Dawson, Andrew Meirion Jones, Louisa Minkin, Paul Reilly

Routledge December 2021


Book Chapters


Images in the Making: art, process, archaeology

Ing-Marie Back Danielsson & Andrew Meirion Jones [Eds]

Manchester University Press August 2020




Making a Mark: Image and Process in Neolithic Britain and Ireland

Andrew Meirion Jones, Marta Diaz Guardamino, Antonia Thomas, Ian Dawson, Louisa Minkin

Oxbow books March 31st 2019


Grave Goods/ Objetos Funerarios

Louisa Minkin & Ian Dawson

Cultura digital y nuesvas epistemologías
Ileana Azor Hernández, Luisa Fernanda Grijalva Maza y Alfonso Adolfo Rodolfo Gómez Rossi (coords.)
Itaca / Universidad de las Américas Puebla, 2017
ISBN: 978-607-97448-6-1





Journal Articles


Pictures Not Homes

Ian Dawson, Louisa Minkin and Francis Summers

Philosophy of Photography

forthcoming 2019


Raised Eyebrows

Louisa Minkin

Special Section : Archaeology and Assemblage

Cambridge Archaeological Journal, Volume 27, Issue 1, January 2017




Journal of Visual Art Practice, Volume 15, 2016 - Issue 2-3: Headstone to Hard Drive




How to accommodate grief in your life

Louisa Minkin and Francis Summers

Philosophy of Photography Volume 7 Issue 1-2 October 2016


Images from YES TO LIFE published as a preface to:

Seb Franklin's Notes on Digital Community and Revolution

Camera Obscura 2016 Volume 31, Number 3 93: 99-131

Duke University Press


Digital imaging and prehistoric imagery: a new analysis of the Folkton Drums

Andrew Meirion Jones, Andrew Cochrane, Chris Carter, Ian Dawson, Marta Díaz-Guardamino, Eleni Kotoula & Louisa Minkin

Antiquity Issue 347 - October 2015


Object Lessons: Copying and reconstruction as a teaching strategy

Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education, Volume 13, Number 1, April 2014, pp.19-19 Intellect


Making Digital: Visual approaches to the Digital Humanities

Nicole Beale, Gareth Beale, Ian Dawson & Louisa Minkin Journal of Digital Humanities Vol 2. No. 3 Summer 2013




Artists' Books and Zines


Drawing and Other Writing

SE Barnet, Ana Cavic, Louisa Minkin, Sally Morfill

The Everyday Press, 2016


Parking Lot Issue 2


A is for Frontline Louisa Minkin & Francis Summers

Launch & Party 15th April 2016, Tetterode, Amsterdam


Five Years Periodicals

Vol.1 No.1, Vol.1 No.4



Sandnes Sangen

Vitamin Sandnes, Norway 2010

ISBN 978-1-903724-04-0



Neon Glow

CD, 2008

Naar aanleiding van de tentoonstelling 'Sunset is an all day process' werd door de kunstenaars Michael Curran en Louisa Minkin een cd uitgegeven.

De cd diende ook als muziek tijdens de finissage/performance 'Twilight Finissage' van Michael Curran in februari 2008.

music performed and recorded by Chris Jeep mixed and mastered by Gordon Dawson

oplage: 200 exemplaren opgedragen aan Antwerp by night


Counting and Recounting

in Cunning Chapters, Gefn Press 2007

a collaborative artists' book




The Afterlife of Monuments

in Complex Topography: The Garden

Published 31 March 2016

by Tokyo University of the Arts

and Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London


I close my eyes and count to ten...

Chapter in Self Contained

Maria Walsh, Graham Music, Louisa Minkin, Rebecca Fortnum

RGAP, 2013





The Devil is Afraid of Music

in Look What They Done to My Song

Matts Gallery 2007






Michael Curran

Commissioned by Luxonline British Film and Video Artists Archive




Twittering Machine

Liz Harrison

Perch, Five Years, 2009




Prospect and Aspect

The Work of Alastair Skinner.

An illustrated monograph edited by Katharine Meynell with essays by Louisa Minkin and Andrea Phillips

Paupers Publications, 2004


Metadata: how we relate to images:

an exhibition organised by the International Research Group “Bilderfahrzeuge. Aby Warburg’s Legacy and the Future of Iconology” in collaboration with Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, 2018

Featuring works from: Nora Al-Badri and Nikolai Nelles, Alexander Burgess, Hussein Chalayan, Matthew Clarke,  Joyce Clissold, Carole Collet, Sarah Craske, Matthew Darbyshire, John Henry Dearle, Violet E. Hawkes, Rosemary House, Lauren Jetty, Edward Johnston, Owen Jones, Lottin de Laval, Richard Long, Nicola Lorini,  Alfred Maudslay, Louisa Minkin, William Morris, Noel Rooke, Henrietta Simson, and  Jeremy Wood.